Yukon’s Old Tobacco Laws Just Went Up In Smoke

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The Tobacco and Vaping Products Control and Regulation Act has now become the law in the Yukon Territory. This new Act replaces the Smoke-Free Places Act and regulates the use, sale, display and promotion of tobacco and vaping products in Yukon.

A number of changes will immediately take effect, including the following:

  • an individual must be 19 years old to sell or to use tobacco and vaping products in Yukon;
  • different restrictions will apply regarding the use and promotion of vaping products, similar to the current restrictions regarding tobacco products; and
  • signage must include “no vaping” in addition to “no smoking.”

Vaping was originally touted as a safer alternative to cigarette smoke but has been the result of several deaths over the last two years. One of the reasons being the unregulated vaping flavoured oils contained within the vaping dispensers.

The place of origin and chemicals used to flavour the vaping cartridges are unknown and many are being imported from China. There are concerns about youth use of E-cigarettes due to their potential lack of awareness of nicotine’s toxicity and high addictiveness, the differing physiological effects between youth and adults, and the ease of adulteration of e-liquids with other substances.

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