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Popular Boys Organization Knew Staff Were Abusing Young Boys For Over 100 Years

The Boy Scouts of American is the largest scouting organization in the world and one of the largest youth organizations within the United States; but what happens when that organization abandons the Scout’s honour and indulge in unlawful sexual predatory behaviours?

If the mission of the Boy Scouts of American is to teach a young adolescent to make ethical and moral choices while learning valuable life skills, they have failed immensely and have ruined the lives of so many innocent children.

Parents put their trust in the Boy Scouts because they were once a Scout as a child or they see the merit of the organizations founding principles.

The Scouts was meant to be a place where boys can go to develop character, learn to be a responsible citizen, and become self-reliant through participation in various activities that help build them physically, mentally and educationally. Unfortunately, this was not the experience of so many young boys who became victims of sexual abuse while being a member of the American Boy Scouts.

Dating back to 1910, since the establishment of the Boy Scout of America, thousands of abuse cases have been reported against the organization. The organization had known for decades about the abuse taking place within the covenant but concealed it from the public. In partaking in the cover-up, they have shielded the names of alleged sexual predators from prosecution.

This system of confidentiality created within the organization silenced all accusations and buried incriminating information about the sexual predators within the ranks. This egregious breach of trust allowed the Scout leaders free rein to continue their pattern of abusing innocent children across the country.

The Boy Scouts of America took advantage of children and engaged in various illegal and highly inappropriate acts such as; drinking, operation of an automobile, exposure to pornography, masturbation, inappropriate touching and statutory rape.

If you or someone you love was sexually abused as a child while participating in the Boy Scouts of America by a Scout leader, Scoutmaster, or another authority figure please call us confidentially today.

You may be entitled to a substantial financial cash payout 1-833-997-0235

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