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A Woman Became President Of Greece For The First Time

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The new President of Greece, Ekaterina Sakellaropoulou, has been sworn in and assumed the office of the head of state. The ceremony was held on Friday at a special session of the country’s Parliament.

Sakellaropoulo became the first woman President of the Greek state.

After a brief prayer in Parliament Sakellaropoulo took the oath on the gospel.

By tradition, the oath of the head of state was taken by the Archbishop of Athens and all Hellas, Hieronymus, in the presence of the Synod members.

Sakellaropoulou swore in the name of the Trinity to preserve the Constitution and laws of the country, protect the independence and sovereignty of Greece, protect the freedom and rights of the Greek people and serve their interests.

After the oath of office, the new President, the speaker of the Parliament, the Prime Minister and the Archbishop signed a Protocol on the inauguration of the new head of state.
Sakellaropoulou will lay a wreath at the monument to the Unknown Soldier in Syntagma square in front of the Parliament, and from there will go to the presidential Palace for the handover ceremony of outgoing Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos.

The powers of the President of Greece are limited mainly to representative functions; he does not have Executive power. The main power belongs to the Prime Minister.
The President represents the country in the international arena, signs treaties, appoints the Prime Minister, and receives diplomatic representatives.

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