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Is Italy On The Verge Of Collapse?

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Next to China, Italy has been the hardest hit by the Coronavirus to point where they have stopped treating a portion of the infected. The spread of the new Coronavirus has infected 35,713 people with a rising death toll of 2,978. The country has seen the rate of infection rise by a staggering daily amount of almost 400 new cases per day.

There are 14,363 hospitalized patients with symptoms, 2,257 in intensive care, while 12,090 are in home isolation. The virus has forced the government to enact stricter travel restrictions in line with those of its G7 partners.

Those entering Italy, by plane, train, by sea or by road, even in the absence of symptoms, will undergo mandatory testing and self-isolation for fourteen days.

“Our hospital is full to the brink,” Alessandro Triboldi, general director of Fondazione Poliambulanza, who has not been home or seen his wife, also a doctor, since the crisis started.

With the country under lockdown, the economy is suffering drastically with no end in sight. The Italian government approved €25 billion ($49 billion) of support for companies and workers, including extra money for the health system, increasing unemployment benefits, freezing taxes and suspend all loan and mortgage payments for its citizens.

Without any confirmed vaccines the country remains in perils.

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