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Manitoba NDP Holds Conservative Budget In Limbo

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The Manitoba Legislature continues to sit but they are not debating the urgent issues impacting the province. The 2020 Budget is being delayed by the NDP until further clarity of the content is properly explained to Manitobans.

Liberal MLA Jon Gerrard recently wrote about the reason why in a blog post. Here is his letter printed in its entirety.

On Monday, March 16, I asked for leave to have a debate a Matter of Urgent Public Importance (a MUPI) – the Covid-19 situation.  Because the NDP was blocking the normal procedure, I asked for leave to bring the MUPI forward first before the NDP brought in their obstructionist tactics. But Kelvin Goertzen and the Progressive Conservative Party said no.  This is too bad. They denied all parties the ability to participate in a discussion and debate on the COVID-19 pandemic when it is so much in the minds of Manitobans.  My comments in Hansard are below:

The Hon. Jon Gerrard (River Heights): Mr Speaker, I would ask if there’s leave of the House to first deal with an all-important resolution which we have dealing with the operations of the House, and followed by the matter of urgent public importance, which is the discussion of COVID-19, before moving on to the rest of the business of the House.

Clearly, we have a major issue in terms of a pandemic, and at least this would allow that discussion to happen before there is any more obstruction of the House. Thank you.

Mr. Deputy Speaker:  …     The honourable member for River Heights has asked leave to look at the topic that he has discussed, and also the MUPI that he actually also presented today in the House.

The honourable member is there leave for the honourable member for River Heights asked for leave?
Some Honourable Members: No.[This was the MLA for Steinbach, Kelvin Goertzen who said no.] 
Mr. Deputy Speaker: I hear no. Leave is denied.

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