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Italy’s Coronavirus Death Toll Surpasses China

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As of the morning of March 21, the number of cases of coronavirus in the world has increased to 275,434. This is evidenced by data from the online monitoring of the research center for systems science and engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (USA).

Since the beginning of the epidemic in the world, 11,399 people have died from diseases caused by COVID-19. During this time, had recovered 88,256 patients.

In China, during the epidemic, 81,268 people were infected, 3,259 died, and 71,854 people recovered. During the day, 7 people died in the country, 590 recovered. Over the past three days, there have been no new cases of infection on the territory of mainland China. Currently, only imported cases are recorded (+41 per day, total-269). Experts believe that due to imported cases of coronavirus, Asian countries may face a second wave of the epidemic.

In Europe, the infection is spreading rapidly. In Italy, a record number of deaths per day was recorded – 627 (for the previous day – 427). Thus, in Italy, since the beginning of the epidemic, 47,021 people have been infected, 4,032 have died, and 4,440 have recovered. Spain is still in second place in Europe (21,571 infected, 1,093 people died, 1,588 people recovered), and Germany is in third place (19,848 infected, 68 people died, 180 recovered).

Countries around the world continue to tighten restrictive measures to contain the spread of the virus. Georgia closes flights with all countries. Cuba prohibits entry to foreigners. In Switzerland, you can now gather a company of no more than five people, but the quarantine is still not in question. Poland has declared an epidemic in the country (this gives the authorities additional powers). In France, quarantine violators have begun to be sent to custody. In the UK, they close catering establishments, and the government will pay 80% of the salary to those who lose their jobs.

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