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Dumb Sh*t Happens When You Elect Stupid Politicians

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The world is on lockdown in wake of the global Covid-19 pandemic and the elected officials in Florida task with governing are absolutely oblivious to that at the fact.

While every other state and jurisdiction around the world have closed or put in place strict measures limiting access to large social gatherings, Florida has done the opposite. With the lack of leadership from all levels of government, Floridians and spring breakers have flocked to the beaches of the sunshine state acting with impunity.

Fuck social gathering said a few spring breakers as the alcohol filled their systems. We are young and healthy, plus the Coronavirus only affects old people.

This is the exact type of ignorance and dumb thinking that will act as a catalyst for spreading the Coronavirus. As of now, Covid-19 has infected over 300,000 worldwide with 678 cases in Florida killing twelve.

In Lake Worth Beach Florida, Mayor Pam Triolo came under public scrutiny by Commissioner Omari Hardy for her lack of leadership and poor judgement.

This is a banana republic, is what you’re turning this place into with your so-called leadership. We should have been talking about this last week. We cut off people’s utilities this week and made them pay what could have been their last check to us to turn their lights on in a global health pandemic!” Commissioner Omari Hardy

It took 2,800 visitors and a public outcry for concerned Floridians to get the attention of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The governor issued an executive order closing the beaches in Palm Beach County and most restaurants. Lake Worth later followed with their own announcement closing public beaches and large gatherings.

The take away from this story is simple, everyone damn elected official in Florida that did not act in the best interest of the public should resign. They have lost the trust of the people and are not worthy to represent the people.

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