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Covid-19 Marks Italy’s Deadliest Day Battling The Pandemic

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In Italy, an increase in deaths due to coronavirus was again recorded. Over the past day, 743 people died from COVID-19. This was stated at a press conference by the head of the Department of civil defense Angelo Borelli, reports the Italian TV channel Rai News.

According to the Italian Ministry of Health, the total number of deaths reached 6,820 people. Earlier, two days in a row, doctors recorded a decrease in mortality from COVID-19. Over the past 24 hours — again growth — 743 people died.

According to Borelli, the number of people who recovered increased by 894 – to 8326 people. Thus, the number of patients who went on the mend has doubled compared to the data of Monday, March 23.
The number of people infected with coronavirus in the country exceeded 69 thousand people.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced an increase in fines for violating the quarantine from 400 to 3 thousand euros.

He pointed out that the decision on restrictive measures remains the prerogative of the government, but at the local governing level, individual strictures can be made “within the general line”.
Conte also categorically denied the claim that he intends to extend the quarantine until July 31.

“Once again, the draft decree was leaked to the media, which does not correspond to reality at all. As a result, there was information that the emergency will be extended until July 31, 2020, nothing like this. At the end of January, we declared a state of emergency in connection with the global epidemic threat, and its deadline was set until July 31. But this does not mean that the quarantine and all restrictive measures will be extended until July 31,” Conte said.

The Prime Minister expressed hope that the country will be able to return to its usual way of life long before that time.

Italy, we recall, remains the leader in Europe in the number of cases and in the world-in the number of deaths from COVID-19.

The country has been under strict quarantine since March 10. Schools and universities, shops (with the exception of grocery stores and pharmacies), restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, sports clubs, and swimming pools are closed. Public transport is restricted. On Saturday evening, the government announced the closure of all enterprises engaged in the production of non-essential products.
The quarantine was announced until April 4, but earlier Conte did not rule out that it would be extended.

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