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Nunavut The Only Canadian Province Covid-19 Free

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As of today, Nunavut remains the only Canadian Province or Territory without any confirmed or presumptive cases of Covid-19.

The public health communicable disease team is following approximately 111 persons under investigation. So far, 43 people who were under investigation have been cleared and no longer need isolation.

On March 24, the government enacted strict travel restrictions into the territory. Only residents and critical workers can travel into the territory. Everyone, except critical workers with written permission from the Chief Public Health Officer, must be in a mandatory 14-day isolation period in the south before they can board a plane to come to Nunavut. This includes residents and students.

In following suit with their province partners, all public gatherings are now banned, and all playgrounds and municipal parks are now closed. The government continues to plead with the residence to stay home and adhere to social distances. ” It is necessary to keep Nunavut healthy. Do it for you. Do it for our Elders and children”. said Premier Joe Savikataaq

The Territory has postponed the by-election for Baker Lake in an attempt to limit social distancing. All government offices are closed to the public unless made by scheduled appointments.

The territory’s remoteness makes Nunavut a great place to decrease the odds of Covid-19 as there are limited people travelling in and out. Although isolated, there is no shortage of supplies or food in Nunavut. Supplies continue to come in regularly.

“COVID-19 won’t cause shortages in the stores and communities but stocking up and hoarding will. Please don’t do it. Get what you need and leave enough for everyone else. We’re all in this together”. Said Premier Joe Savikataaq

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