Trump’s Rating Against Coronavirus Reached 49%

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The approval rating of US President Donald Trump for the first time during his tenure since January 2017 exceeded by 3% his anti-rating against the background of the fight against the coronavirus, according to data from the American Institute of public opinion Gallup.

According to the results of the survey, which was conducted from March 12 to 22, 49% approve of the President’s activities, and 45% do not approve.

Before that, the only time Trump’s rating exceeded his anti-rating was in mid-February 2020, when the ratio was 49% to 48%.

It is worth noting that the Gallup study is only one of many in the US to study public support for the activities of the head of state, and most of them do not speak about his high rating. According to the average data of the portal Real Clear Politics for March 3-23, 44.5% approve of Trump’s activities, and 51.6% disapprove. At its peak on February 27, the rating reached 46.1%.

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