85,000 Infected – America, The New Epicenter Of The Coronavirus

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550,360 people infected worldwide – 25,000 Dead

America has overtaken China and Italy becoming the deadliest nation on the planet to contract the virus. There were so many warning signs that were ignored by the Trump administration that has now proved to be fatal.

From Trump referring to the Coronavirus as a democrat lie, making numerous erroneous statements about its severity such as “when we get into April in the warmer weather, it will be weakened, the outbreak would be temporary, it’s going to disappear and it was the Obama administration’s fault for not having American prepared”.

The Coronavirus pandemic is running rampant and sweeping the world.
The lasting question lingering on everybody’s lips is: “when will this all end?”

Images from Italian Hospitals is what America is now facing

The Trump Administration is running the country like a corporation on the verge of bankruptcy. The question is not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when? Once this happens, the American people share blame for electing Trump as their 45th president.

While other world leaders are imposing self-isolation rules, the Trump administration is allowing mass gathering by its citizens all over the country. Without leadership from the president, too many people are choosing to ignore public health warnings and continue to gather in mass groups for social events.

Just recently, thousands descended on the many beaches of Florida to take part in spring break throwing caution to the wind. After all the partying, several people became infected with the Coronavirus. Only time will tell how far the infection will spread throughout the sunshine state.

Italy Pandemic – Scenes Like This All Over The Country. Trump Needs To Take This Serious

Unlike Canada and the rest of the first world countries, America has a terrible healthcare system unless you are a politician or rich. When the dust settles, the analysts estimate up to 30% or 90 million Americans will lose their jobs, houses, 401K and will end up filing for bankruptcy.

No one is immune to this virus and until a cure is found, it is imperative everyone falls in line and stay home to prevent it from further spreading. Do your part and stay up to date and tuned in to all the latest news and safety measures put in place by your own government.


1. Wash your hands daily and often

2. Practice social distancing – 2M buffer

3. Avoid large social gatherings

4. Self isolate if you have been on a recent trip

5. Sanitize your home, work, business and daycare to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. If you don’t have the supplies or expertise to do so, call a professional who specializes in biohazard clean up.

Image sources UK Daily & USA Today
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