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#StayAtHome And Stay Safe

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New policing powers are now in force across the UK to encourage people to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.

The UK government has bought in a new health protection bill which contains new powers for the police to help manage the spread of the coronavirus.

These powers give all police officers the power to direct infected people to go and immediately receive treatment or self-isolate at home. They will also support officers in dealing with those who are not complying with the social-distancing restrictions. The government has been clear that it expects people to do the right thing in order to protect the NHS and save lives.

This applies to the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) officers who work protecting nuclear sites across the country and the government has made it clear that compliance with these regulations is an absolute priority for the nation.

The police force as a whole polices by consent and will continue to do so throughout this time of unprecedented national emergency. In the first instance, CNC officers will be engaging, explaining and encouraging members of the public to follow the restrictions. This will include asking whether an individual is aware of the government request; establish individual circumstances and how quickly someone can comply. Officers will also explain the risks to public health, and to the NHS in line with government guidance and encourage voluntary compliance.

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