Quebec To Table Elderly Protection Bill After 31 Deaths
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Quebec To Table Elderly Protection Bill After 31 Deaths

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Quebec To Table Elderly Protection Bill After 31 Suspicious Deaths At The CHSLD Seniors Home in Dorval

Following recent and upsetting events that have occurred, notably in CHSLD Senior Home in Dorval, the member for Rimouski and spokesperson for the Parti Québécois for seniors, Harold LeBel, suggest tabling a bill to form a seniors protection entity. Once the crisis has passed, Quebec will have to appoint a protector of the elderly.


  • The revelations about the living conditions of certain seniors, relayed by the media in recent days, have created a shock wave.
  • The neglect has lasted long enough; the living conditions of seniors, no matter where they live, must meet much higher quality standards.
  • It is more than necessary to create the function of protector of the elderly, in order to have their rights respected in an absolute and impartial manner.
Quebec To Table Elderly Protection Bill After 31 Deaths

The multiplication of outbreaks, as well as the too many deaths that have occurred in recent weeks in seniors’ residences, public and private, are cause for reflection. “The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the consequences of the State’s disengagement in the care of the elderly, and the limits of previous health policies. It’s simple, the human being has lost his place. This must change, ”said the member for Rimouski at the outset.

Several times last year, notably through a bill, the Parti Québécois called for the creation of a function like that of the Québec Ombudsman but specifically dedicated to seniors. “I said it again and again: caring for seniors must become a national priority. Every week we hear a new story of horror, and lately, the situation has been exacerbated by the pandemic. But the shortage of staff, the lack of equipment or their obsolescence, deficient care, this is not new, “continued Harold LeBel .

The member also pointed out that a protector of seniors would ensure the safety and respect of the rights of all seniors in Quebec. “About 85% of seniors live at home. They often benefit from the support of relatives or even home care. However, they too can find themselves in a situation of vulnerability. Not only do we need to make sure they have access to all the services they may need, but we also need to prevent mistreatment and all forms of abuse, ”he said.

Quebec To Table Elderly Protection Bill After 31 Deaths

The Québec Ombudsman, completely independent of the Minister of Health, would be appointed to the Human Rights and Youth Rights Commission. He could be alerted by the elders themselves, or by anyone suspected of abuse. “We have often seen this, and even more in recent weeks: seniors have the right to better, to much better.

In the interest of the elderly and for their well being, the province must create an independent body which will ensure, first, the respect and promotion of their rights. More importantly, it will ensure that seniors can live in dignity.

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