Liberal Leader Lamont, Starts Petition To Help MB Businesses
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Liberal Leader Lamont, Starts Petition To Help MB Businesses

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Liberal Leader Lamont, Starts Petition To Help MB Businesses. Small Business Are The Backbone Of Manitoba

Manitoba Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont is frustrated with the lack of resources being offered to small businesses in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic by the Pallister government.

Mr Lamont has indicated, one of the best ways the Pallister government can help keep the doors open for small businesses is to implement a Manitoba lease subsidy program.

Under this program, the provincial government will provide a full lease subsidy that businesses will not have to pay back.

“While cash flow is on hold, we need this in place so we can keep the doors open.  We are the backbone of Manitoba’s economy and need your help to speak out so we can stay alive long term. Without quick action, we’re going to see many businesses go under but this can easily be prevented with your support.” Said Dougald Lamont

Mr Lamount indicated Manitoba is the ONLY province that hasn’t offered direct help to small businesses. That has to change! The Liberal leader’s frustration for lack of support for Manitoba businesses has prompted him to start a petition to get businesses the help they need.

Liberal Leader Lamont, Starts Petition To Help MB Businesses

The petition can be found here at and has already garnered 5,240 signatures of the 7,500 goal set by the leader. The petition makes reference to the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) being a timely needed resource for small businesses, but it does not absolve the Pallister government from its duty to help Manitoba businesses.

“Even though CEBA loans were announced in Canada this week, they don’t resolve the combined lease and debt payments Manitoba small businesses are facing. 

If we are closed for a minimum of two months due to COVID-19, we won’t ever have an opportunity to make up that revenue and have a small window of time to ask for the support we need.  When we do reopen, we predict customers will only come back gradually. 

We’ll be operating at a loss for a long time and business experts have agreed that we need other resources in place.  Expecting us to somehow, with that margin, pay back a loan is not viable. ” Said Dougald Lamont

The Liberal leader added he will continue to fight for small businesses because he knows what it’s like to be in their shoes.