Quebec Grants $ 4M To Medicom Produce N95 And Surgical Masks
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Quebec Grants $4M To Medicom To Produce N95 Surgical Masks

Quebec Grants $ 4M To Medicom To Produce N95 And Surgical Masks. Medicom Will Expand Its Factory Creating 33 New Jobs

Today, Québec Premier François Legault along with members of his cabinet announced a $4 million loan to the Medicom company, through Investissement Québec, to accelerate the establishment of a factory in Montréal which has the capacity to produce tens of millions of N95 masks and level 3 surgical masks. The manufacture of the latter will begin next July, while that of the N95 masks will begin in August. Ultimately, the project will create 33 permanent jobs and meet the needs of the health system.

Quebec Grants $4M To Medicom Produce N95 And Surgical Masks

“Providing the necessary equipment to the women and men who have been at the front for weeks to treat Quebecers suffering from COVID-19 as adequately as possible raises many questions every day. Fortunately, several companies have responded to the government’s call for the production and distribution of medical equipment. I would like to thank Medicom for the implementation of this project. Certainly, working together and coordinating our actions in the current circumstances remain essential. ” François Legault, Premier of Quebec

“Medicom is a strategic Quebec player in its field. I salute his participation in the collective effort deployed by the government and the health network during this difficult period. The specific business environment with which companies must contend in Quebec, and around the world, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, offers favorable conditions for the construction of this plant in Montreal. The government is proud to collaborate on this initiative, which will help Quebec in its efforts to supply medical equipment. ” Pierre Fitzgibbon , Minister of the Economy and Innovation and Minister responsible for the Lanaudière region

“N95 masks and surgical masks are essential for medical personnel working with patients with COVID-19 and other types of viruses. The construction of this plant by Medicom will allow us to guarantee long-term supply, particularly for Quebec. I am happy to see to what extent Quebec businesses, but also all the personnel of the health network, are involved in ensuring the protection of citizens. “ Danielle McCann , Minister of Health and Social Services

Medicom has extensive experience in responding to the demand for personal protective equipment in the event of a pandemic. Founded in 1988 in response to the urgent need for medical gloves for healthcare professionals during the global HIV crisis, the company has since acted as a reliable provider of infection control solutions to multiple epidemics, including avian flu, SARS, H1N1 and the Ebola virus.

With the help of the Quebec government, Medicom is now poised to be the provinces long term supplier of N95 masks and surgical masks.

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