Now Is Not The Time To Being Pointing Fingers At The RCMP
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Now Is Not The Time To Being Pointing Fingers At The RCMP

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Now Is Not The Time To Being Pointing Fingers At The RCMP. They Put Their Lives At Risk Keeping Us Safe

As the death toll continues to climb wich currently now sits at 23, the motive still remains unclear. According to the RCMP, the investigation will be lengthy and thorough due to the mass amounts of casualties.

The RCMP in the last 24 hours has unfairly come under fire for not using the emergency notification alert system. The system was designed to notify residence by cell phone to provide instructions in the event of a crisis that is administered by the Province.

Now Is Not The Time To Being Pointing Fingers At The RCMP
Cst. Chad Morrison is standing in the centre. He was not saluting because he wasn’t wearing a headdress. Thank you for your service, Cst. Stevenson. 10-35

The RCMP notified the public by Facebook and Twitter in realtime as the shooting began to unfold. It may be easy to point the finger and second guest the RCMP for not using the emergency notification system, but they should also be credited for putting their lives at risk and neutralizing the shooter to prevent further loss of life.

History has shown in all mass shooting incidents, there has always been a high casualty rate before a suspect(s) are captured or neutralized. The incident in Nova Scotia is no different.

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki promised that an administrative review would be done after the investigation to determine ways they can improve the emergency warning system.

“As we learn more about the people who were killed in Nova Scotia this weekend, the harder it is to come to terms with the tragic events that stole at least 22 lives from us.

“As we receive confirmation about the victims, we will undoubtedly learn that they were mothers and fathers, sons and daughters. We will hear about how they were neighbours who gave to their communities in countless ways. Said Bill Blair Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

“I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the family of Heidi Stevenson of Cole Harbour, and to all the families who have lost loved ones and have been affected by this terrible act,” Said Crosby, NHL champion and native Nova Scotian

While the RCMP still works to confirm the identities of victims, two of the innocent people believed to have been Correctional Service of Canada managers, and today Canada’s corrections community is mourning.

Alanna Jenkins was a Correctional Manager at Nova Institution for Women, and Sean McLeod was a Correctional Manager at Springhill Institution. They worked hard to protect their communities and the inmates under their care.

Today, and in the difficult days ahead, Canadians will mourn alongside the people of Nova Scotia.

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