Manitoban's To Buy Online Direct From Farmers Amid COVID-19
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Manitoban’s To Buy Online Direct From Farmers Amid COVID-19

Manitoban’s To Buy Online Direct From Farmers Amid COVID-19. $160,000 Through Canadian Agricultural Partner

COVID-19 has brought on many challenges to food producers and in most instances, completely wiped out or severely disrupted the supply chain. Among the hardest hit are the farmers, who face many uncertainties every year. Whether it be drought, flooding and now COVID-19, they are always at the perils of mother nature.

On Monday, April 27, federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau and Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development Minister Blaine Pedersen announced both governments will be supporting a project which will allow local food producers and farmers’ markets to sell their products online.

Manitoban's To Buy Online Direct From Farmers Amid COVID-19

Together, The Government of Canada and The Manitoba Government will be providing a total of $160,000 through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership to Direct Farm Manitoba to purchase a software platform that will allow Manitobans to order food online from local producers and farmers’ markets.

The funding will also go toward the development of a network of pick-up and delivery options to connect consumers with their orders, and the development of COVID-19 safe handling and packaging practices for producers and processors.

“Farmers and food processors across the agri-food value chain are working hard to make sure Canadians continue to have access to their high quality and affordable food. By creating a centralized online platform for Manitoban producers to sell their products, we are increasing flexibility in the supply chain during a very challenging time.”
  –   Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

The news of the funding received a very positive response from Phil Veldhuis, President, Direct Farm Manitoba who said

“Canadians have always been able to count on farmers for good, healthy food. It has never been more important for our food supply to be reliable and diverse. We have been working hard to connect consumers directly to local farmers. We appreciate this investment to reinforce our local food system at this time of crisis.”

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