Russian Press Hails VN’s Amazing Fight Against Covid-19

Russian Press Hails VN’s Amazing Fight Against Covid-19

Russian Press Hails VN’s Amazing Fight Against Covid-19. Viet Nam Has Recorded Zero COVID-19 Fatalities

VGP – While many countries have been struggling with COVID-19, Viet Nam has contained the disease and had zero fatalities, RIA Novosti, one of Russian biggest news agencies reported.

In a recent article, the new agency explained the effective preventive measures that the Vietnamese Government has taken throughout the two waves of the outbreaks.

The article quoted a call of Vietnamese PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc “Each factory, each neighborhood, and each citizen must become a fortress in the fight against the COVID-19.” 

The article also quoted Associate Professor Peter Tsvetov from the Moscow diplomatic academy as saying Vietnamese people understand and respect their citizen rights while the Government knows how to assemble public support.

Russian Press Hails VN’s Amazing Fight Against Covid-19

A Russian woman in Ho Chi Minh City was retold that everyone observed regulations and stayed at home. Recent events have reflected Viet Nam’s sound organizational capacity and people’s confidence in the Government, she added.

The article also spoke highly of Viet Nam’s international cooperation in this regard, saying the U.S. Centers for Disease Control sent a delegation to the country in late February to learn from its experience in pandemic response.

As the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a crisis across globe, Viet Nam’s achievements were ‘amazing.’  It is worth mentioning that Viet Nam helped other countries in the fight by presenting them with hundreds of thousands of medical face masks.

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