Asians Being Racially Targeted For COVID-19 Pandemic
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Asians Being Racially Targeted For COVID-19 Pandemic

Asians Being Racially Targeted For COVID-19 Pandemic. B.C Launched The Resilience Projected To Combat Racism

More supports for communities will be available following a rise in racist incidents targeting Asian people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is very concerning that we are seeing an increase in racially motivated attacks toward people of Asian heritage since the COVID-19 outbreak,” said Anne Kang, Minister of Citizens’ Services and responsible for Multiculturalism. “These incidents are completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated. We are acting now to address racism at the community level and ensure all British Columbians are free from discrimination and intimidation.”

The Province has selected the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society (VIRCS) to serve as a provincial hub to help communities address hate activity and take on systemic and institutionalized racism throughout the province.

Back in November of 2019, the province launched the Resilience BC projected, a multi-faceted, provincewide approach in challenging racism.

Asians Being Racially Targeted For COVID-19 Pandemic

Resilience BC will connect communities with a network of information, supports and training to help them respond to incidents of racism and hate. The program is one of many actions the B.C. government is taking as part of its commitment to stand up for diversity, end racism and all forms of discrimination, and support multiculturalism in British Columbia.

“VIRCS is very proud to lead the important work being done in B.C. communities to stop the spread of racism and end the recent spikes in hate crimes,” said David Lau, executive director, VIRCS. “We look forward to collaborating with community leaders across the province to create innovative local resources to advance multiculturalism, support reconciliation with Indigenous communities and fight prejudice to provide a fully inclusive province for all British Columbians.”

The Province has begun a competitive bidding process to establish community-based Resilience BC spokes to work with the provincial hub to address racism and hate at local and regional levels.

The total investment in Resilience BC is $540,000 annually. This funding is being provided through the ministry’s existing budget.

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