Will Greece Rise To The Fore From The Covid-19 Ashes

Will Greece Rise To The Fore From The Covid-19 Ashes

Will Greece Rise To The Fore From The Covid-19 Ashes? Greece May Never Recover For Decades

The Corona virus has been a shock to the world and continues to be so. There can be no doubt that the economies of most major countries will be decimated as a result, and life as we have known it will probably take years to return, if it ever does.

Greece like every other nation has been hit, but by locking down early and with swift efficiency, the direct Covid-19 damage has been quite limited thus far and hopefully will continue to be so.

Prior to this world catastrophe Greece had been very publicly burdened with a debt to GDP ratio that was much scorned by many nations, but now, similar equations will become like a drop in the ocean when compared to others following the Covid-19 aftermath.

So in future terms, Greece might well have had this financial stigma removed. Yet this will be seen by some as merely fortuitous, but an undeserved, chain of events.

However the true nature of how Greece has been diligently clawing its way back into the productive world has not been given full credit, especially when put into context of the systematic destruction of its infrastructure, plus abject theft of every asset merely a long generation ago under the hands of Nazi Germany during the World War two occupation.

Will Greece Rise To The Fore From The Covid-19 Ashes

Few now remember how Greece was quite possibly the founder of the modern civilization as we know it. Of course that was in the long and distant past, but even today little credit is given to the amazing creative power and work ethic, of the up and coming generations of young and middle-aged Greeks.

By way of example, simply cast an eye down the lists of the top quality universities, the finest specialist doctors and the brightest scientific minds the world over, then notice the predominance of Greek men and women at every turn. Consider these in contrast with the image put out by some that the Greek nation is awash with drunks and lazy loafers with begging bowls forever in their hands, nothing could be further from the truth.

So what qualifies the Greek nation to even sit at the same table as those currently described as the ‘Super Powers’?

For a start Greece is already acknowledged by them as a land of stability and security, despite being surrounded by bickering countries. Although technically a part of the European Union, Greece already holds excellent relations with these major powers, Russia, The US and China all use Greece as a ‘Hub’ for much of their enterprise.

The Chinese chose Greece as its main Mediterranean port for their ‘Silk Road’ project. The Russian ‘Gas Pipeline’ is hosted by Greece and the US needs the Souda Bay deep water harbor and airport in Crete for its strategic aims.

Greece is also soon to benefit from its own new oil and gas supplies, plus has considerable wider assets of gold, minerals, international shipping, excellent academic facilities and of course not forgetting the fastest growing tourist industry in the world.

So why should Greece raise to the fore after Covid-19?

It is my belief that the world after Covid-19 will soon recognize it suffers from a power vacuum.

Citizens of the world will emerge with a realigned demand for a new form of leadership. Military might and opulent wealth have proven to be meaningless when attacked by an invisible enemy to health. What they will demand is a new emphasis on humanitarian values, a man helping man thrust, not communism, but some form of ‘Us against disease’ ethic, one that respects and works in harmony with the protection of the planet as its main objective.

But surely our Super Powers will recognize this need and change accordingly!
“I for one don’t think so!”

Our world leaders have in most instances shown how shallow their ‘powers’ really are.

The US has clearly lost all direction, for more details merely ask a disinfectant salesman.China, who was striving hard to become ‘The’ primary world power, is now commonly distrusted as potentially the creator of ‘The Virus that Got Away’ from their germ warfare lab.

The European Union, Germany and France, have proven themselves to be toothless entities when the chips are down. Then Russia, under Putin, although technically no longer of a Communist persuasion, still smacks dangerously of its Orwellian roots.

This list of course misses out another previous civilization creator, the United Kingdom. Now released from its EU chains and under a dynamic new leadership, the UK could on paper be a contender or even partner in the new world order.
But for now, after a decade or two of limp government, the UK has quite a plate full of internal issues to sort before flexing its muscles too widely on the world stage.

So discounting all of the other Eastern states as a source of leadership I truly believe that Greece could well become the Phoenix of Leadership to rise from the ashes of Covid-19.

But as a new form of ‘Leadership’, one of common sense, still capitalism as the power source to development, but a form of progression for the benefit of the worlds citizens, big and small. A nasty shock to some… A blessing to others!

Hobson Tarrant, author
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