5 Indications We've Never Seen A President Like This One

5 Indications We’ve Never Seen A President Like This One

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5 Indications We’ve Never Seen A President Like This One. Trump didn’t Make America Great Again, He ruined it

From the point, Donald Trump, used, Make America Great Again, during his campaign, to his rhetoric, promises, priorities, apparent lack of empathy, and continued lies and misstatements, it was obvious, he was unlike anything, we have witnessed, in recent memory. He lacked the relevant government expertise, and his popularity, seemed, focused on his blaming and complaining about others, rather than the quality of his ideas!

While the loyalty of his core supporters, seems stronger than any other recent politician, his detractors/ opponents, also, seem rather adamant! By his actions, rhetoric, promises, behavior, apparent attitude, etc, there seems to be many indications, President Trump, is significantly, different, in many ways, than anyone, who has ever held this office! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 of these items.

5 Indications We've Never Seen A President Like This One

1. Treated worse than LincolnIn the midst of the most horrific pandemic in American history, Trump, often, focuses on his virtues, and how he perceives, he has been treated! His continuous battle, referring to any member of the press, as fake, phony, and false, presents a clear and present danger, to the important Constitutional guarantee of Freedom of the Press. When, he declares, and apparently tries to compare himself, to Honest Abe, while sitting for an interview, during this serious heath issue, at the Lincoln Memorial, and treating it, more like another campaign stop, than a public declaration, it isn’t normal!

2. Continuous attack on the Free Press: Either, President Trump, has a persecution complex, truly believing he’s being abused (like no other), or using it, as a way, to inspire and motivate his core supporters, while diverting attention, from certain potential misbehavior, is unlike the previous behaviors of his predecessors!

3. Dangerous rhetoric: Whose interest does the rhetoric of hatred, serve and represent? When political fact – checkers, proclaim, President Trump, has lied or made major, material misstatements, at a never – before, witnessed rate, doesn’t it become somewhat dangerous?

4. Changing narrative: When, someone proclaims one thing, and, then, constantly changes the narrative, etc, even going, as far as denying his own statements (even, when they are on video), and does this, on a regular basis, it isn’t normal!

5. Integrity/ issues: In recent memory, we have never witnessed, as many questions, about someone’s integrity, as we have, during this administration. Polls indicate, the public does not believe in the integrity, and/ or, empathy, of this President. His focus on what appears to be, his own personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, rather than what many believe, are the primary sustainable issues of environmental protection and Climate Change (which he often, denies), have the potential, of being detrimental, to the longer – term needs, of the nation, its citizens, and the world!

Wake up, America, and stop the celebrity. idol, worshipping, and attraction to the politics of fear and hate, and demand a return to Constitutional guarantees, and rights! If we don’t, the ramifications, may be severe!

Richard Brody
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