700 Small Business In Guatemala Affected Fruit Smugglers
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700 Businesses In Guatemala Affected By Fruit Smugglers

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700 Business In Guatemala Affected By Fruit Smugglers. Mexican farmers are hurting Guatemala’s economy

The Minister of Economy, Antonio Malouf, addresses banana producers in the municipality of La Blanca, San Marcos.

To support banana producers in the municipalities of La Blanca, Ocós and Ayutla to combat smuggling of fruit from Mexico, the Minister of Economy, Antonio Malouf, held a meeting in the first of the aforementioned communities where farmers, municipal authorities and the Ministry of Agriculture participated; the departmental governor and commissioner, as well as representatives of the Congress of the Republic.

According to Minister Malouf, the transfer of all kinds of products from Mexican territory to Guatemala, where plantain is one of the most important at this border point, has meant the reduction of workers for more than 700 small companies in the three municipalities. mentioned.

700 Small Business In Guatemala Affected Fruit Smugglers

“We in the Ministry of Economy what we want is for there to be more employment for all Guatemalans and this contraband has come to take away the employment of more than 700 small companies that are working in this municipality and in the surrounding areas such as Ocós and Ayutla”, Minister Malouf said.

Malouf informed that it was agreed with the producers that the report on contraband presented jointly with the municipality of La Blanca will be shared at the table of the Inter-institutional Commission against Contraband and Customs Defraud (COICON).

As part of the meeting, agricultural entrepreneurs were encouraged to take advantage of the financial resources available to the Mipyme sector and thereby have access to soft loans through local cooperatives or banking system agencies.

700 Small Business In Guatemala Affected Fruit Smugglers

Minister Malouf also announced that, as part of joint actions to combat smuggling, in the coming weeks COICON will install a mobile roadside post to stop smuggling of plantain and hundreds of other products that are transferred to Guatemala from Mexico.

Finally, the Minister of Economy stressed that work should be done on the initiatives of the law that will be promoted in the Congress of the Republic to provoke the economic reactivation of the aforementioned municipalities that have one of the main economic activities in plantain cultivation that generates up to 90 percent of the workforce in their populations.

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