Manitoba Premier Celebrates 150 Years Of Diversity
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Manitoba Premier Celebrates 150 Years Of Diversity

Manitoba Premier Celebrates 150 Years Of Diversity. Happy Birthday, Manitoba. Here’s To Another 150 More Years

The year 2020 marks the 150th anniversary of Manitoba becoming a province. During those 15 decades, people from all over the world have come to the keystone province in search for a safer, more prosperous life for themselves and their families. They found it here in Manitoba, their home of hope.

They found a tolerant society that continues to welcome people from every region of the world, regardless of their age, gender, religion or sexual preference. They found a compassionate society that faces its challenges together, consistently leading the nation in volunteerism and support of charities. They found an inclusive society, composed of a diverse mosaic of cultures, customs and languages. They found a society of freedom and opportunity, where the only obstacle to achieving your potential is the size of your dreams.  

“Their story is our story and it is the story of the approximately 10,000 newcomers who become Canadian citizens each year in our province. Manitobans will always embrace them with open arms and open hearts, welcoming them to our Manitoba family. ” Brian Pallister Manitoba Premier

As Manitobans look to the future, our talented workforce, our diversified economy and our unshakeable respect for human rights ensures that Manitoba will continue to be the envy of the world.

It is often said the only thing better than today in Manitoba is tomorrow in Manitoba. I know that is true because of the many people making meaningful contributions to our province’s economy and society. Manitobans of all races and religions, working together each day to build an even brighter future for themselves, for their families, for their neighbours and for future generations of Manitobans.

We are united in celebration; we are united in hope. We are united.

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