Quebec launches COVID-19 Confidential workers initiative
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Quebec launches COVID-19 Confidential workers initiative

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Quebec launches COVID-19 Confidential workers initiative. Workers can now anonymously voice their concerns

Today Health and Social Services Minister Danielle McCann launched the We Listen to You initiative, which will allow all workers in the health and social services network to express themselves with complete confidentiality. The establishment of the mailbox will create a new communication channel to share what is happening in the field.

“We are taking concrete steps to offer another voice to healthcare workers so that they too can be agents of change in our practices. They are our eyes and ears in the field. They know what is going on, they know the issues that are experienced on a daily basis by the nursing staff. I invite them not to hesitate to inform us of their experiences, unfair situations or good practices, so that together we can respond more effectively to the needs of Quebeckers. I remind you that this is a process that will remain confidential. “

Quebec launches COVID-19 Confidential workers initiative

This initiative will complement the actions already put in place in the network and will allow workers to make constructive suggestions, highlight good things and raise issues or situations that they experience on a daily basis. A dedicated team of professionals will follow up on these comments in a completely confidential manner and with a view to improving practices.

This is a first action which is part of a global approach aimed at better framing the practices surrounding confidentiality and public communications, especially on social media. In fact, the Minister of Health and Social Services plans to table, next fall, a framework policy that would apply throughout Quebec and which would be accompanied by a mechanism for communicating unresolved issues.

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