Bogotá's tourism industry has been crushed by COVID-19
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Bogotá’s tourism industry has been crushed by COVID-19

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Bogotá’s tourism industry has been crushed by COVID-19. The city has a robust plan to reopen the city

The Colombian capital reminds the world that, in the midst of this quarantine, it works towards the moment when it can once again receive foreign tourists and investors. Through the numbers # EnBogotáNosVemos and #SeeYouInBogota, the Colombian capital is sending a message of support to other cities in the world affected by this pandemic.

Despite being, like much of the world, in quarantine to protect the lives of its inhabitants, Bogotá continues to be active, reinventing itself and, in a responsible manner, preparing for a future in which it can once again receive tourists, events and investors.

As part of this strategy to tell the world that the city continues to search for solutions in the midst of the situation and creating new synergies with the future in mind, entities from the city’s Marketing Board, the District Secretariat for Economic Development, the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá and the District Institute of Tourism.

Bogotá's tourism industry has been crushed by COVID-19

The agencies have joined forces to show how the city is preparing for the moment when its reactivation process can begin. With this campaign, they seek to tell the world that the Capital of Colombia works tirelessly

Through the numbers # EnBogotáNosVemos and #SeeYouInBogota, the city is also sending messages of support to other world capitals that are being affected by the current coronavirus pandemic.

Creation, opportunity and productivity

Nicolás Uribe Rueda, president of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce assured that “this is a city of opportunities, dynamic, inclusive and innovative, that is why today companies are reinventing themselves to continue promoting productivity and stimulating economic development. Bogotá is and will continue to be one of the most attractive destinations in Latin America for business and investment. ”

Meanwhile, the director of the District Institute of Tourism, IDT, Karol Fajardo Mariño, maintained that “for the development of this new strategy, with the IDT team, we developed a visual product to promote the city, which involved joint work in different areas of the entity, and the allocation of resources for the creation and implementation of the initiative # EnBogotáNosVemos “.

In the same way, he highlighted the articulation work that this entity has carried out with other District offices so that: “the tourism sector in Bogotá prepares for when the doors of our city are open again and we can welcome visitors, tourists, and locals, to a safe, reliable and renovated destination ”said Fajardo.

Bogotá's tourism industry has been crushed by COVID-19

This is complemented by a wide cultural offer so that, from home, anyone can find different alternatives to cope with this contingency. Music, art, education and literature are part of the activities launched for this time.

“In Bogotá we have found ourselves around creation, together we have made it both an everyday act and an act of care. That is why in Bogotá we are all creators, and inhabiting the city is realizing this in every aspect of life, “said Nicolás Montero, secretary of Culture, Recreation and Sport of the city.

In addition to being a Latin American benchmark in the meeting industry, Bogotá is part of the BestCities Global Alliance, an association made up of the 11 main cities in the world to host events, which gives the city access to global good practices and access.

For Liliana Orbegozo, executive director of the Bogota and Cundinamarca Convention Bureau. “Our commitment to positioning Bogotá as the best destination in Latin America, is focused on sustainability, trust and optimism, since meeting tourism is key in the recovery not only of the industry, but also for economic development and of the entire city. “

Business does not stop

Regarding business and investment “once the city begins its economic recovery, international investors will continue to find in Bogotá a source of abundant talent, a strategic location on the continent and a market size that is more than attractive for the development of new business ”, highlighted the executive director of Invest in Bogota, Juan Gabriel Pérez.

The capital appears as one of the main destinations for investment in Latin America, and is, according to the World Bank, the third city in the region with the best facilities for doing business. For 2019 alone, Foreign Direct Investment in the city was close to US $ 3,000 million.

Thus, the city expects to stand out internationally not only for its strength, optimism and dynamism, but for its teamwork, and that tourists, organizers and event attendees, investors and business people alike think of the city and say #EnBogotaNosVemos or # SeeYouInBogota.

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