New Brunswick Driver’s licence renewal now available online
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New Brunswick Driver’s licence renewal now available online

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New Brunswick Driver’s licence renewal now available online. COVID-19 prevented 31,000 licence renewals

The 31,000 New Brunswick drivers who have not been able to renew their licences due to COVID-19 restrictions will now be able to do so online.

Driver’s licence renewals, which normally require an in-person visit to a Service New Brunswick centre, were suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions. Under the state of emergency, driver’s licences that were valid as of March 16 remain valid until June 30.

“Our teleservices agents are taking an average of 7,000 calls per week from people asking how to renew their driver’s licence,” said Service New Brunswick Minister Sherry Wilson. “While Service New Brunswick already offers hundreds of its services online, COVID-19 has definitely increased demand, not only for those services but for new ones, as well.”

Current driver’s licence photos may be used for an additional four years on Class 5 licences, eliminating the need for an in-person renewal. Online renewals will now be offered permanently.

Drivers should renew their licences well before the expiry date, allowing at least 14 days for processing and delivery by mail. The cost will remain at $90 for a four-year renewal. Anyone whose licence has been revoked or whose driving privileges have been suspended will not be permitted to renew online.

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