June is National Indigenous Month and Indigenous Reads

June is National Indigenous Month and Indigenous Reads

June is National Indigenous Month and Indigenous Reads. Understanding, empathy, compassion, education

June is National Indigenous History Month, a time for celebrating Indigenous traditions, values, and cultures, as well as the strength of Indigenous Nations and communities.  It is a time for learning about, appreciating and acknowledging the contributions First Nations, Inuit and Métis people have made in shaping Canada.

Indigenous peoples on this land have relied on oral traditions – stories, lessons and knowledge – to maintain a historical record and sustain their cultures and identities from one generation to the next. This year, the technologies we now rely upon can provide even more opportunities for us to learn and communicate.

June is National Indigenous Month and Indigenous Reads

Through the month of June, the Government of Canada will be sharing recommendations of stories about Indigenous issues, cultures and history as part of #IndigenousReads. Sharing a variety of works by Indigenous authors and helping to empower their voices is a critical part of reconciliation.

Many of the recommendations are available in e-book, audio format online, or available for online ordering and pick up from your local bookstore. Let others know what books you’ve chosen by sharing the titles on social media using #IndigenousReads.

“We all play a role in healing the relationship between Indigenous peoples and non-Indigenous Canadians, which requires each of us to be action-oriented and address misinformation and racism.

Understanding, empathy, compassion, education and action can help break down racism, and stories are a remarkable tool. That’s why it’s so important for all Canadians to learn about Canada’s colonial history and issues including residential schools.

June is National Indigenous Month and Indigenous Reads

Understanding the spirit and intent and the history of the Treaties, as well as Indigenous peoples’ contributions to Canada as it is today is an opportunity to take part in those difficult conversations on our path to reconciliation. It’s an opportunity to build a renewed relationship based on affirmation of rights, respect, cooperation and partnership with Indigenous peoples.” The Government of Canada     

It’s important all Canadians celebrate National Indigenous History Month by participating in the #IndigenousReads Campaign, among other initiatives that will be available to you online through the government of Canada’s website.

As the historical backbone of our nation, the First Peoples of Canada will provide a leadership role in its development and future.”

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