55,572 or 58% of Canada's COVID-19 cases have now recovered
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55,572 or 58% of Canada’s COVID-19 cases have now recovered

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55,572 or 58% of Canada’s COVID-19 cases have now recovered. Canada has tested 1,955,719 people for COVID-19

As of the end of the day on Tuesday, June 9, there were 96,653 confirmed cases of the coronavirus including 7,897 deaths and 55,572 or 58% have now recovered. Labs across Canada have tested 1,955,719 people for COVID-19 to date. Over the past week, labs across the country have been testing an average of 33,000 people daily, with 2% of these testing positive. These numbers change quickly and are updated regularly on Canada.ca/coronavirus.

As provinces and territories continue with the reopening of business, social and recreational spaces and services this week, it remains vital Canadians do so smartly. COVID-19 is still present in Canada, including areas with active outbreaks and community transmission hotspots. While the country continues to make progress flattening the curve, it is essential that all Canadians maintain physical distancing and good hygiene measures.

If you are going out in public, consult your local public health authority for the latest advice and guidance. Go “out smart” by following tried and true public health measures, including:

  • Practicing physical distancing by maintaining a 2-metre distance from others;
  • Washing your hands frequently with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds;
  • Avoiding touching high touch surfaces and objects that could be contaminated with the virus; and
  • Covering your coughs and sneezes with tissues or your sleeve.
55,572 or 58% of Canada's COVID-19 cases have now recovered

Where COVID-19 is still active, wearing a non-medical mask or face covering can be used as an extra layer of protection for when you can’t maintain a physical distance of two metres from others, such as on public transit or enclosed public places like grocery stores.

Going “out smart” also means knowing when to stay in. If you have symptoms, even if mild, it is imperative that you stay home and away from others to avoid spreading the virus and contact your local public health authority and follow their advice.

COVID-19 is an ongoing global health crisis. We must keep public health measures up to stamp out the last chains of transmission in current hotspots and not give the virus opportunities to re-emerge elsewhere. For the sake of ourselves, our families and our communities, we can continue to do our part by going “out smart. Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer

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