Lean Into That Discomfort
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Lean Into That Discomfort

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Lean into that discomfort. If your reaction to Black Lives Matter is “All Lives Matter” Ask yourself Why?

If you are comparing the preservation of Auschwitz and using it as leverage against tearing down confederate statues may I remind you Auschwitz also serves as a mass grave site where over a million people lost their lives. You won’t find a single Statue of Hitler. There is a difference.

If you are upset about the rebranding of Aunt Jemima, ask yourself WHY this bothers you. WHY does it make you unhappy? The logo they use is a caricature of a Black “Mammy” from 130 years ago showing a stereotype of a slave being happy to care for the White children of the families they were forced to serve.

It’s also another example of White companies and White people profiting off the backs of Black people without offering a single cent of compensation.

If your first reaction is to respond with All Lives Matter when you see Black Lives Matter even after I KNOW you’ve been shown countless videos, memes, and explanations highlighting why it’s harmful, ask yourself WHY. Why are you making this about you, and your comfort zone? Black people and BIPoC don’t get to be comfortable. They don’t get to put their phone down and pretend this isn’t happening. Lean into that discomfort. Learn from it.

Lisa Webinger @MsBehavior

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