Top 3 Tips for American Seniors fighting COVID-19
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Top 3 Tips for American Seniors fighting COVID-19

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Access to Healthcare in America is expensive

America leads the world in infected cases of the deadly COVID-19 virus and has recorded the most deaths out of any nation. While countries such as Canada, Taiwan and South Korea have successfully flattened the curve, America has gone in wrong direction.

Seniors in America are dying at an alarming rate while amassing staggering amounts of debt and bankrupting their estates. Floridians, Texans and Arizonan are seeing upwards of 10,000 new cases per day leaving hospitals with over 102%.

Healthcare in the United States only benefit politicians and the rich. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat, Traditional Republican or Trump supporter, seniors are the underdog when fighting the coronavirus.

We outlined the Top 3 ways seniors should be preparing to fight the coronavirus.

According to the U.S Census Bureau, there has been an increase in uninsured Americans between the ages of 46 to 64 years of age. Experts say there are close to one million people who have lost their insurance or had coverages decrease due to pre-existing conditions or states making it more difficult to obtain coverage.

3. Health Insurance

With the coronavirus, many Americans have seen deductibles as high as $7,300 and beyond. Most seniors are overpaying for policies containing restrictions to coverage’s and that they assumed are included in the policy, but not the case.

2. Sterilization

Cellphones are the widely the most used devices in everyday life and also carry a lot of bacteria. They are also never properly clean and can spread bacteria. These items are becoming very popular with the spread of the Coronavirus.

1. Cash Relief

Most seniors are on a fixed pension or getting to the age of retirement. The coronavirus has depleted years of savings and in many instances, left seniors on the verge of declaring bankruptcy or having to re-enter the workforce.

With no clear end on the horizon to the deadly pandemic that has left over 100,000 American dead, seniors need to be more vigilant in protecting themselves, families and their neighbors.

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