Dominica is on England's COVID-19 Quarantine-Free List

Dominica is on England’s COVID-19 Quarantine-Free List

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Dominica is on England’s COVID-19 Quarantine-Free List. The Countries Borders have been closed to international travel for months

Dominica has had only 18 COVID-19 cases and no related deaths. The borders remain closed to inbound passenger travel. However, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit says that the government is considering reopening in August, guided by health advice. Dominica is known as the Nature Isle of the Caribbean and has been investing in establishing a luxury eco-tourism sector. The island is “Carving a niche of its own,” according to the FT’s PWM Editor-in-Chief Yuri Bender.

Dominica is on England's COVID-19 Quarantine-Free List
Infinity pool view from the popular Jungle Bay resort in Dominica, one of the seven real estate options eligible for Citizenship by Investment

“This will be the moment when Dominica’s focus on the quality, rather than quantity of tourists really pays off,” says Paul Singh, Director of London-headquartered government advisory CS Global Partners. “Because Dominica’s less crowded and more nature-immersed approach to tourism suits social distancing measures perfectly, making it one of the safest holiday destinations this year, it is understandable that Dominica is more cautious about border reopening.”

Living in Dominica also appeals to foreign investors who want to become its economic citizens via the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme. An independent study published annually by a Financial Times publication ranked it the best in the world for CBI. Successful applicants can live, work and study in Dominica indefinitely, and easily travel to around 140 destinations.

Dominica is on England's COVID-19 Quarantine-Free List

To obtain second citizenship from Dominica, one must first pass all due diligence checks and make a qualifying investment. This can either be a minimum one-off contribution worth US$100,000 to the Economic Diversification Fund or investing at least US$200,000 in pre-approved luxury hotels and resorts. Both channels of investment support major housing, infrastructure, green energy, education and healthcare development.

Dominica does not have an international airport yet, but British Airways normally operates direct flights from London to nearby Barbados and Antigua and Barbuda, both quarantine-free countries. From there, regional flights are usually available via LIAT and private charter planes may be more suitable for families. Visitors are advised to check the latest updates on border reopening, entry requirements, and air travel operations.

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