Kanye West Running for President as an Independent
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Kanye West Running for President as an Independent

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Huge blow to Democratic candidate Joe Biden

In a Tweet at 7:38 pm on the American national holiday, West announces his candidacy for President of the United Sates of America and sent shock-waves through the Twitterverse.

Kanye West Running for President as an Independent

That Tweet is about to surpass one million retweets and likes. The music icon hinted years ago he would run for the Oval office but it was dismissed as a joke. “No one is laughing now.”

West, the influential and billionaire is about to turn the 2020 presidential race upside down. He instantly appeals to the younger generation and African Americans. Both groups former Vice President Biden was courting. Even though West is late to the game and poses a real risk of being left off many state ballots, the Democratic Party should have serious concerns about today’s announcement.

West’s candidacy does not affect Trump as his voters have already proved to be loyal supporters of the racist president.

Can He Win?

After the election of Trump, anything is possible. West will have an uphill battle with the older white and evangelical voters but can peel off some of the younger Trump supporters.

He will go into November with a solid base of young supporters with the star-studded support of wife Kim Kardashian and hundreds of millions of followers.

Kanye West Running for President as an Independent

If Kanye wants to be a credible candidate for the job as the 46th Commander in Chief, he will need a seasoned running mate and sound policies on health, foreign affairs, military spending, racism, the judicial system and so on.

If Ukraine can elect an entertainer as president and America can elect an actor as president in Reagan, a reality tv host in Trump, why can they not elect Kanye West as the 46th president of the United States of America?

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