Covid-19 testing day at Bogota the District Jail

Covid-19 testing day at Bogota District Jail

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To date, no positive case has been presented to the District Prison for Covid-19

The Men’s District Prison and the Women’s Annex held a Covid-19 evidence-taking session for 192 convicted inmates before being transferred to the national penitentiary.

The shots were made in compliance with the security protocols contained in the July 14, 2020 Federal COVID-19 inmate transfer agreement. The agreement requires that all people who are going to be transferred must have the negative test for COVID-19 to prevent infections.

The 192 inmates receiving testing are held in their cells and will be quarantined for 15 days while their test result is known. They will have different hours from the usual ones in the prison center and have biosecurity restrictions and protocols to avoid contagion risks.

The PCR tests were taken by an epidemiological team from the Central East Network of the District Health Secretariat and were carried out with all the biosafety protocols. 

According to the director of the Prison, Manuel Castillo, if any positive result is presented, the Institution has established protocols to guarantee adequate treatment and prevention of contagion from others deprived of liberty.

Covid-19 testing day at Bogota the District Jail

To date, no positive case has been presented to the District Prison for Covid-19. The Bogota prison center has measures in place to guarantee the health of the inmate. The prison has implementation virtual visits and hearings, the provision of biosafety elements for those deprived of liberty and for the personnel of the custody and surveillance body.

So far this year there have been four days of disinfection inside and outside the facilities and on July 18, the Secretary of Security, Hugo Acero, announced that 120 places will be enabled in the District Prison to transfer unionized persons They are being held in police stations and URIS, a process that has been accompanied by the Bogota Ombudsman, the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation and the Ombudsman’s Office.

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