30 People die every hour in Brazil from COVID-19
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30 People die every hour in Brazil from COVID-19

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2,404,272 Brazilians have recovered from COVID-19

Brazil has surpassed two million recovered from Covid-19. Across the country, 2,404,272 people are cured of the disease. Worldwide, it is estimated that at least 13 million people diagnosed with Covid-19 have already recovered. The number of people cured in Brazil is higher than the number of active cases (805,592), who are patients under medical supervision. The record of cured persons already represents more than half of the total accumulated cases (72.5%). The information was updated at 18h and was sent by the State and Municipal Health Secretariats.

30 People die every hour in Brazil from COVID-19

The disease is present in 98.4% of Brazilian municipalities. However, more than half of the cities (3,877) have between 2 and 100 cases. Regarding deaths, 3,785 municipalities had records (68%), with 768 of them presenting only one confirmed death.

The Government of Brazil has maintained a continuous effort to guarantee health care to the population, in partnership with states and municipalities, since the beginning of the pandemic. The goal is to take care of everyone’s health and save lives, in addition to promoting and preventing the health of the population. In this way, the portfolio has transferred extra funds and strengthened the service network of the Unified Health System (SUS), sending human resources (doctors and health professionals), supplies, medicines, pulmonary ventilators, diagnostic tests, training ICU beds for serious and very serious cases and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for health professionals.

The Ministry of Health has already sent more than R $ 71.1 billion to states and municipalities to finance public health actions and services, of which R $ 17.9 billion is dedicated exclusively to fighting the coronavirus. More than 19.4 million units of drugs have also been purchased and distributed to assist in the treatment of coronavirus, 241.3 million PPE, more than 13.3 million diagnostic tests for Covid-19 and 79.9 million doses of the flu vaccine, which helps to reduce cases of influenza and other respiratory syndromes in the middle of coronavirus cases.

30 People die every hour in Brazil from COVID-19

The Ministry of Health, in unrestricted support to states and municipalities, has also helped local SUS managers in the purchase and distribution of lung ventilators, having already delivered 9,920 pieces of equipment to all Brazilian states.

Strategic initiatives and actions are designed according to the reality and needs of each region, along with states and municipalities, and have helped local SUS managers to expand and qualify services, bringing more effective responses to society’s demands. At the moment, Brazil has 3,317,096 confirmed cases of the disease, with 41,576 registered in national systems in the last 24 hours.

In relation to deaths, Brazil has 107,232 deaths from coronavirus. In the last 24 hours, 709 deaths were registered in the official systems, most of which occurred in other periods, but the investigations with confirmation of the causes by Covid-19 were concluded only in this period. Thus, 64 deaths, in fact, occurred in the last three days. Another 3,377 are still under investigation.


Until August 8, Brazil ranked second in terms of number of cases (3,012,412) and death records (100,477). However, when considering the population parameter, per million inhabitants, among countries worldwide, Brazil occupies the 8th position in relation to confirmed cases (14,334) and 9th in relation to deaths (478). The population measure is the standard rate for comparisons between countries.

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