8-month-old baby infected with Covid-19
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8-month-old baby infected with Covid-19

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This is the second infant infected with COVID-19 in the Philippines

An eight-month-old baby from San Luis town became the second confirmed case of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) in this province.

This was confirmed by San Luis Mayor Ariel A. de Jesus in his social media account on Saturday as he asked his constituents to observe the minimum health standards and discipline to prevent the spread of the virus.

8-month-old baby infected with Covid-19

“I am reiterating our call to stay home and obey the minimum health standards),” de Jesus said.

The baby got the infection from her grandmother who is the first Covid-19 case in the province. On August 4th, the elderly woman and the infant arrived in Baler Town from Pasay City with certified travel certificate indicating they met the requirements for travel.

However, upon arriving in Baler Town, the grandmother was brought to the Aurora Memorial Hospital after fainting, where she and the infant were given a swab test the following day. Both tests came back positive for COVID-19.

“Five other members of the household were tested which all resulted in being positive for the virus. All family members were brought to a quarantine facility of the municipal government of San Luis. All of them are asymptomatic.” the mayor said.

8-month-old baby infected with Covid-19

After the family was confirm to be positive for the virus, the mayor initiated the towns COVID-19 protocols to prevent spread of the virus. The protocols include the dispatching of a contact tracing team and the erecting of a temporary zone of containment within a 50-meter radius from the home of those in quarantine.

“The municipal government is now preparing food packs to 70 families inside the critical zone and ready-to-eat food for the front-liners in Barangay Zarah and for our police personnel,” de Jesus said.

Meanwhile, the municipal library is being readied as temporary quarantine facility for those who will undergo 14-day isolation.

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