NY Governor Cuomo taking zero chances with Trump's attempt to steal 2020 election

NY Governor Cuomo taking zero chances with Trump’s attempt to steal 2020 election

Cuomo announces campaign to nnsure New Yorkers are aware of the expanded options for voting in November’s Election

US President Donald Trump along with his media allies have been pushing the false narrative that mail in ballots will compromise the November 2020, elections.

NY Governor Cuomo taking zero chances with Trump's attempt to steal 2020 election

Although voting by mail has been happening in the country for decades, Trump and his administration can not prove his allegations. As the president’s propaganda machine ratchets up closer to the election, many States are putting in measures to prevent the presidents attempt at voter suppression.

New York State, Governor Cuomo announced a public awareness campaign to ensure New Yorkers know all the ways they can vote in November’s election, including voting early, voting absentee, or voting in person on Election Day.

NY Governor Cuomo taking zero chances with Trump's attempt to steal 2020 election

The Governor issued an executive order requiring boards of elections develop a plan to allow a registered voter to drop off a completed absentee ballot at a board of elections, early voting location, or election day voting location, without requiring they wait in line with in-person voters, to help minimize delays during in-person voting and promote contactless voting.

You can vote early, vote absentee, or vote in person on election day, and I am issuing an executive order to ensure boards of elections have plans in place to safely receive the anticipated additional volume of absentee ballots through in person return,” Governor Cuomo said

Absentee ballots can be dropped to county boards of elections offices as soon as voters receive their ballot; any early voting location between October 24th and November 1st; and at polling locations on Election Day.

On August 20, Governor Cuomo signed into law a three-part election reform package to make it easier for New Yorkers to vote and be counted in November, including: allowing absentee ballot applications to be submitted to a board of elections immediately; expanding the necessary protections to allow a voter to get an absentee ballot due to risk or fear of illness including COVID-19 and; ensuring all absentee ballots postmarked on or before Election Day or received by a board of elections without a postmark on the day after the election will be counted.

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