DNC Hits Trump in Swing states with ‘Red Handed’ ADs

DNC Hits Trump in Swing states with ‘Red Handed’ ADs

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Red Handed ADs highlight Trump’s lies on the coronavirus with audio recordings from Woodward’s book

The DNC War Room released a new television ad in Nevada, “Red Handed,” that blasts Trump for lying to the American people about the severity of the coronavirus. The ad contrasts how Trump publicly downplayed the threat the virus poses to children, while privately admitting its dangers to journalist Bob Woodward.

The 30-second spot will air on cable in the Las Vegas media market as part of a six-figure buy. It is the 11th ad the DNC War Room has released since June to hold Trump accountable for his failed record.

“Donald Trump was caught red-handed lying about the coronavirus, and now Nevadans are paying the price,” said DNC Chair Tom Perez. “Over 1,400 Nevadans have lost their lives, and the state’s economy continues to suffer — all because of Trump’s incompetence and his refusal to care about anyone but himself. Nevadans know we can’t afford another four years of this failed, chaotic leadership, and this November, they’ll bring this disastrous and dishonest presidency to an end.”

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