Transport Minister Marc Garneau announces $25M to upgrade rail safety
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Transport Minister Marc Garneau announces $25M to upgrade rail safety

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165 new projects to receive a share of $25M rail safety fund

Today, Canadian Transport Minister Marc Garneau announced funding of more than $25 million over three years for the Rail Safety Improvement Program. The investment will support 165 new projects and initiatives that will increase safety and Canadian’s confidence at grade crossings and along rail lines.

The Rail Safety Improvement Program is an essential component of the Trudeau Governments commitment to improving rail safety and preventing serious incidents. In the past four years, $85 million have been invested in the form of grants and contributions.

“Rail safety remains my top priority, even as we continue to face the challenges of COVID-19. Over the years, our government’s renewed commitment to rail safety demonstrates our dedication to supporting projects that keep Canadians safe, stimulate the economy, and ensure that our rail network remains one of the most efficient and secure rail transportation systems in the world.” The Honourable Marc Garneau,
Minister of Transport

Transport Minister Marc Garneau announces $25M to upgrade rail safety

Today’s announcement includes funding for: 

  • 161 new projects that focus on Infrastructure, Technology and Research, including: safety improvements on rail property; the use of innovative technologies; research and studies; as well as the closures of grade crossings that present safety concerns.
  • Four rail safety Education and Awareness initiatives that focus on reducing injuries and fatalities in communities across Canada.

In Canada, Grade crossing and trespassing accidents still cause the most rail-related deaths and serious injuries to Canadians. The additional steps being taken by Transport Canada is to implement recommendations from the 2018 Railway Safety Act Review report, including improving grade crossing safety and safer interactions of people and trains.

Today’s investment complements efforts to bring together a broader range of partners to work with us to find ways to reduce largely preventable deaths and injuries at grade crossings due to trespassing.

This year, Transport Canada is funding four public education and awareness activities, 146 grade-crossing improvements including crossing infrastructure projects, 12 grade crossing closures and three technology and research projects across the country.

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