Did New Jersey solve the social distance learning problem using tents?

Did New Jersey solve the social distance learning problem using tents?

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Tents may be the solution to COVID-19 learning while upholding social distance guidelines

TRENTON, NJ, US, Returning back to school whilst still facing the COVID pandemic has been nerve-racking, to say the least. Various schools across the country are trying out different methods to provide an education to our youth while still keeping them safe. One option that is showing a lot of promise is the schools that chose to use tent rentals. 

Did New Jersey solve the social distance learning problem using tents?

Tents provide a way to bring kids physically back on to campus while also keeping the appropriate distancing outside. While some students do just fine with remote learning, others have not. Some students struggle without in-person instruction and a more focused environment. Providing the option to return physically to school is important for those students to be able to thrive academically.

Tents on campus increase the amount of social distancing space needed to allow children back at school. Students and teachers both enjoy being able to be outside in the fresh air as well. The best part about tents is that they can stay effective for the majority of the school year! These tents are equipped with WiFi, Owl cameras (allows for remote and in-persons students to see the same lecture), and temperature control. Between the masks, the fresh air, spacing, and easy to disinfect surfaces – all the safety precautions have been taken to keep the students and teachers safe.

There are several benefits to outdoor classrooms. The option to return to school is great for those who may not have the online resources at home for remote learning. It is also great for younger students whose time with peers is vital to growing up happy and healthy – learning important social skills they will need later in life. Being outside has also been known to be therapeutic – decreasing stress while still giving enough space for proper social distancing.

L&A Tents is one company, local to the Trenton, NJ area, that has been helping in every way they can during the pandemic. From providing testing tents to now classroom tents – they’ve been striving to help the community press forward this year. A quick glance at their social media can prove just how many in the community L&A Tents has helped.

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