Another GRIMM MILESTONE – 203,455 Americans Dead from The Coronavirus
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Another GRIMM MILESTONE – 203,455 Americans Dead from The Coronavirus

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Trump has used the coronavirus as a political weapon to further divide Americans

We mark another Grimm milestone today, there are now more than thirty million people around the world infected with the Coronavirus disease, according to Worldometer an international team of developers, researchers, and volunteers with the goal of making world statistics availableCovid-19 – Live Map U

This global pandemic has spread far and wide in a matter of months. The first reported case was on December 31st, 2019. Chinese Health officials informed the WHO about 41 patients with pneumonia, who were all connected to an outdoor seafood market.  COVID-19 claimed its first life less than two weeks later. Today, nearly nine months later the death toll has surpassed 958,512 and over two hundred thousand of them are Americans.

There has been sharp criticism on how US President Trump and his administration has handled the pandemic. While most countries around the world have taken the pandemic seriously and relied heavily upon their countries top scientists for guidance, the Trump administration did the opposite.

In fact, Trump has publicly ridiculed, silenced and dismissed the science by his Chief Scientist Dr Fauci, the CDC and World Health Organization. Trump has routinely given false and misleading information about the virus to Americans and intentionally misled them on the severity of the coronavirus according to his latest recordings with Bob Woodward.

This invisible deadly virus has caused governments around the world to take unprecedented measures to protect their citizens and flatten the curve. For example, Canada has enacted a national plan for flattening the curve and has made the purchasing of PPE a Federal responsibility. The Canadian Prime Minister also has daily briefings with his Chief health officer and makes decisions based on the science.

Canada currently has 142,745 cases reported with 9,211 fatalities. Even when you take into consideration America has 9 times the population of Canada, the US rate of infections are still staggering. As of now, the US accounts for 23% of the worlds coronavirus infections at 6,943,451 and 203,455 deaths at a rate of 21%.

The Canadians have closed their boarders to the United States with a few exception to essential services. Other countries, predomination from the European Union have also put in place travel restrictions for Americans.

Another GRIMM MILESTONE – 203,455 Americans Dead from The Coronavirus

Many US states are contemplating a second lockdown in hopes of flattening the curve. President Trumps actions and contempt to ignore the science, hold massive indoor rallies (mask optional) undermine those states and their attempts to keep Americans safe.

Trump has polarized the pandemic as Blue States and Red States and insisted Blue States are the major cause of virus. There has never been a president that has used a pandemic to divide an already fractured country. Trump has gone as far as saying he is willing to withhold financial and medical assistance.

For the record, the top ten states with the highest rate of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) cases in the United States as of September 18, 2020 are all states carried by Trump according to Statista.

Another GRIMM MILESTONE – 203,455 Americans Dead from The Coronavirus

Right now there is no end in sight, no confirmed cure at the moment, despite the multitude of researchers and scientists around the world working day and night to find the antidote.  Around the world people are scared, frightened, worried about their future, feeling helpless. 

As we mark a very sad milestone today, we all have an integral part to play to stem the tide and take necessary precautions to protect ourselves and our loved ones.  Stay inside, wash your hands, practice social distancing and if you feel sick seek medical advice immediately. 

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