Dr Mona Nemer Reappointed as Canada’s Chief Science Advisor

Dr Mona Nemer Reappointed as Canada’s Chief Science Advisor

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Dr Mona Nemer joins an elite team of Canadian COVID-19 scientists

Science is essential to ensuring Canada has the tools, opportunities, and expertise needed to address the most pressing questions we face as a country. With a clear understanding of the importance of trusting the science in the middle of a pandemic, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Dr. Mona Nemer’s reappointment as Canada’s Chief Science Advisor.

Dr Mona Nemer Reappointed as Canada’s Chief Science Advisor

In this role, Dr. Nemer will continue to promote science and its benefits for Canadians and provide impartial scientific advice to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, and Cabinet. Over the past few months, she has also been advising on the latest scientific developments in COVID-19 research to assist with the response to the global pandemic.

Dr. Nemer has served as Canada’s Chief Science Advisor since September 2017. Her reappointment will allow her to build on the achievements of her first term, which include the creation of science advisor positions across federal organizations, and guidance and recommendations on a $2.8 billion investment to build federal science and technology facilities. She also helped develop a policy to guide federal scientists, departments, and employees conduct and use federal research and science responsibly, and to better communicate the results to Canadians.

Dr Mona Nemer

“Over the past three years, Dr. Nemer has provided invaluable expert advice to myself and all members of Cabinet, and worked to ensure that government science is fully available to the public. Now more than ever, science will lead the fight as we work to overcome the global COVID-19 pandemic, and Dr. Nemer will continue to be a key player in her role as Chief Science Advisor.” The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

With the appointment of Dr Nemer, Canada has bolstered its team of diverse, committed, and exceptional scientists to advise the decision-makers in the fight against the global pandemic.

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