Trump back at the White House, No Mask Needed

Trump back at the White House, No Mask Needed

Trump’s refusal to wear a mask underscores his ability to handle the coronavirus

US President Donald Trump re-entered the White House late Monday evening after being discharged from Walter Reed Military Hospital. According to several sources, the President’s discharge was premature and despite having the world’s best physicians treating him, they would have preferred the President to stay a bit longer to receive the proper care for the coronavirus.

The White House physicians have been coy on the true nature of the President’s health and the full regiment of treatment he has been receiving. They indicated the President was on several experimental drugs usually used for severe coronavirus cases. When asked if the President was taking supplemental oxygen to assist with his breathing, they declined on numerous cases to answer.

Upon returning to the White House, the President removed his mask while surrounded by his aids directly putting them in harm’s way. The President was seen filming several takes of him re-entering to ensure his faithful followers had a movie scene moment. His hubris was quite saddening.

In a tweet earlier in the day, the President referred to the coronavirus as “not so bad” which once again grossly downplaying its severity. The President’s irresponsible nature will ultimately cause more Americans their lives despite the fact that many of his staffers have been infected with the virus.

As many continue to wish the President a speedy recovery despite is ignorance towards the virus, it’s a matter of formality until he ends up back at Walter Reed hospital.

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