October surprise - Trump declassifies Hillary Clinton emails and Russia documents
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October surprise – Trump declassifies Hillary Clinton emails and Russia documents

Trump changes the coronavirus narrative with the declassification of Russian documents and Clinton emails.

US President Donald Trump is the master of deflection in a week where the world saw the president infected with the coronavirus along with key members of his administration, the Pentagon, and wife Melania.

When it was first reported Trump had contracted the coronavirus, Vice President Joe Biden saw a massive surge in the polls for presidents of the United States.

Trump has always downplayed the virus and made a mockery of the CDC, its scientists, and anyone doing their part to wear masks and social distance. With his latest stunt, the President felt the need to do something drastic, something so big that it would shift the narrative from him contracting the coronavirus and refusing to negotiate a new stimulus package for Americans desperate their need for financial relief.

The Narrative being played on all media outlets now is Trump’s inability to take the virus seriously and his unwillingness to negotiate with Democrats.


Trump’s latest announcement to declassify all of Hillary Clinton’s emails and documents related to the Russian probe is an attempt to shift the narrative from him and his tragic handling of the pandemic.

With the president’s latest stunt, he can assure he has at least bought himself a week of reprieve from the media.

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