Regina Transit Expands Free Mask Distribution to Riders

Regina Transit Expands Free Mask Distribution to Riders

Regina is one of the few Canadian Cities providing free masks for transit riders

Starting Monday, October 19, Regina Transit will expand its mask distribution program so that passengers can mask up to keep COVID-19 numbers in Regina down. To date, Regina Transit has already distributed almost 4,500 disposable masks to customers to help transition with the requirement mandating mask use on buses.

Transit staff will distribute masks to passengers who do not have a mask at the following locations during peak ridership times.

“Regina has re-opened. For the safety and wellbeing of our residents and the positive impact on our economy I think we want to keep it that way,” said Mayor Michael Fougere.

“We have recently seen a rise in cases and, in September, an individual who rode Regina Transit tested positive for COVID-19. Under the recommendation of the Saskatchewan Health Authority, masks are mandatory on Regina Transit. I urge all riders to bring their own mask or face covering or collect a mask from one of the distribution locations. We are providing masks to help you protect yourself and others in our community.”

Wearing masks is another measure to make transit safer for everyone. Passengers can wear non-medical, simple face masks, including alternative coverings like a bandana in two layers wrapped around the mouth and nose. 

Regina Transit riders – feature on Facebook page

Protocols are in place to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission between the public and Transit operators, including driver curtains, mandatory masks or face coverings, and daily fogging of the City’s transit fleet.

Mandatory mask exemptions are in place for children under 5 years of age, persons with medical conditions, or those who cannot place or remove masks without assistance. Face masks will be mandatory until the Saskatchewan Health Authority recommends otherwise.

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