Mutiny - Republican Senators and Congress Turn on Trump Amidst Blue Wave
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Mutiny – Republican Senators and Congress Turn on Trump Amidst Blue Wave

Democrats are predicting a Blue Wave but polling is showing a Blue Tsunami

Republicans are now coming to grips with the Grim reality that there will be a massive Blue Wave come November and have begun the process of mutiny against US President Donald Trump.

For almost four years, the Republican Senate, Congress, Governors, and state legislators have blindly followed Donald Trump down the rabbit hole of destruction and chaos.

They acted with impunity, malice, and completely disregarded their oath of office to do all that is best for their constituents and serve their elected office to the best of their duty and ability.

When Trump was elected in 2016, it was seen as more of a rebuke against then-Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and current President Barack Obama for very partisan reasons.

President Obama left the White House with sound policies, manageable debt, and Medicare for all with the Affordable Care Act which was highly contested by the Republican Party.

When Trump was elected he promised to reduce the debt, get rid of Obamacare and replace it with a better plan, and bring back Clean Coal jobs to middle-class America.

Unfortunately for the tens of millions of people who voted for Donald Trump, they are the victim of one of the country’s biggest cons and now America is paying the price for electing and incompetent, narcissistic, pathological liar.

Vice President Biden has significantly outraised Trump and is out spending him on TV and commercial advertisements. On many occasions, Trump has refused to raise additional funds for his re-election campaign and has cited blame on several of his campaign staffers for mismanagement funds. 

As polls continue to show double-digit leads statewide and nationally for Vice President Biden in swing states carried by Trump in 2016, Republicans faithful to Trump in both the Senate and Congress are now starting to speak out against the president and his handling of the pandemic and his failure to lead the country.

Too little too late for many Republican incumbents. In states such as Georgia, South Carolina, and Arizona that has been traditionally super safe red seats with long-serving incumbents, are in serious danger of turning blue come November.

The election of Donald Trump has not only eroded American institutions, he has dismantled and destroyed them. He has inflamed the already fragile racial disparity in America and gave the okay for white supremacists to reign supreme.

History has a funny way of correcting itself and if the polls are true projections, there be a massive Blue tsunami that may never see another Republican president for decades.

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