Above the Law: Miami Police Officer Disciplined for Multiple Violations

Above The Law: Miami Police Officer Disciplined for Incident at Polling Station

Miami Police officer was armed, in uniform wearing a pro Trump mask at a local polling station.

Miami police officer Daniel Ubeda showed up to vote at a polling location in his full uniform wearing a vote for Trump COVID-19 facemask. According to election laws, voters are to refrain from campaigning within any polling stations.

Officer Ubeda, decided he was above the law and walked into the Miami polling station to intimidate voters that have expressed support for Vice President Joe Biden. For months President Trump has been calling for armed militias to occupy the polling stations to prevent voter fraud in which he has still not been able to prove exists.

Above the Law: Miami Police Officer Disciplined for Multiple Violations

“This behavior is unacceptable, a violation of departmental policy, and is being addressed immediately,” said City of Miami Police

“It’s a violation of departmental orders. A police officer is supposed to be impartial. Irrespective of who the person was, whatever sign it would have been, it would’ve been problematic.” Said Miami Mayor Francis Suarez

“By wearing that mask, you could tell who we wanted to vote for. That is the issue at hand.” Said Miami Commissioner Ken Russell

Ubeda, like all government officials acting in non-partisan roles, is forbidden from campaigning while on duty as it violates department policies.

Local Miami attorney and Chair of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party Steve Simeonidis, who took the photo of Ubeda was quoted in the Harold saying, “He may have been going to vote. But he was in full uniform with the mask and a gun. That’s voter intimidation.”

As of now, the Miami Police Department has not indicated how Officer Ubeda will be disciplined or if he will face suspension. Ubeda also could face felony charges for voter intimidation and if convicted, he could be fined, imprisoned, or be removed from the force.

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