"I Am Bullet Proof" Trudeau Survives Second Vote of No Confidence
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“Are The Liberals Made of Teflon?” Trudeau Survives Second Vote of No Confidence

No election for now for the Trudeau administration

Minority governments rarely last as history has showed Canadians. So to have a government survive two votes of no confidence within 30 days, is an anomaly.

Trudeau and the Federal Liberals asked for a vote of no confidence to squash the Conservatives attempt to established a committee on corruption led by the Conservative. If successful, the committee would have sweeping new investigative powers to probe the WE Charity Scandal.

The Conservative Party felt Trudeau circumvented the committee by calling for a vote of no confidence. “It will be up to parliamentarians, the opposition, to decide whether they want this minority government to work or whether they’ve lost confidence.

“We know that if Parliament determines they no longer have confidence in the minority government, then unfortunately there will be elections.” Said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

"I Am Bullet Proof" Trudeau Survives Second Vote of No Confidence

Going into the vote, the NDP did not reveal if they planned to support or bring down the Liberal government. “People need help right now. They need confidence in the future. They’re not looking for an election. So New Democrats will not give Prime Minister Trudeau the election he’s looking for,” NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said prior to voting.

Singh also added “What became really clear early on is that the Liberals weren’t looking for a deal. They were actually looking for a way to go to an election,” he said in an interview after the vote.”

The NDP leader may have just saved his job as the leader at least until the next leadership convention. Many are speculating the real reason the NDP voted to support the government was strictly financial due to their inability to raise funds under Singh.

Conservative leader O’Toole suffered his second attempt to bring down the government but, insist they are committed to getting to the bottom of the We Scandal.

“This committee would have given all parties the ability to uncover the full details of the Liberal government’s pandemic spending and blatant favouritism,” he said.

"I Am Bullet Proof" Trudeau Survives Second Vote of No Confidence
Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole

“We know there must be something pretty damning in the documents for the Liberals to have gone to these lengths to prevent Canadians from learning the truth about the special treatment they give to insiders.”

If the Federal government does fall, there will surely be many surprises in the outcome and one real scenario is sending Trudeau back to parliament with a majority government.

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