Subdued, Muted and a Tsunami of Lies in Trump's Final Presidential Debate

Subdued, Muted and a Tsunami of Lies in Trump’s Final Presidential Debate

Presidential Debate Committee muted mics of presidential candidates in debate number three

Last night’s final presidential debate between US President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden was the closest thing Americans can have to debate leading up to the final weeks of voting.

The presidential debates in the past have been used by candidates to connect with the American people and articulate how they would improve the lives everyday 

working class citizens.

However, the first of the three scheduled debates were considered a hot mess with both candidates speaking over each other and culminating with President Trump hurling insults at Vice President Biden and attacking the moderator.

Second debate was scheduled to be a virtual debate but was cancelled due to President Trump being infected with the coronavirus. Alternative options were put in place by the national debate committee to hold the debates virtually but both candidates opted to host their own town hall session with their supporters. 

The third and final debate was hosted by Kristen Welker an African American women 

Subdued, Muted and a Tsunami of Lies in Trump's Final Presidential Debate

who are rarely given the opportunity to host a presidential debate.Welker was on point, precise and did not give the neither candidate the opportunity to interrupt each. She had  had full control of the debate throughout the evening.

Many said President Trump lost the debate but for the first time in a long time he appeared presidential.The president did not have the opportunity to interrupt Vice President Biden while he was speaking because his mic was muted as part of the new rules introduced by the debate committee.

The idea of muting the mics of each candidate while the other was speaking was highly contested by President Trump however, this rule in hindsight worked in his favour as he was limited in his opportunity to to make the same mistakes he did in the first debate.

Subdued, Muted and a Tsunami of Lies in Trump's Final Presidential Debate

Both sides are claiming victory in the third debate but ultimately it will be up to the American people to decide the fate of themselves and the country in November.

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