Women Have Right To Sexual and Reproductive Health
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Women Have Right To Sexual and Reproductive Health

Beijing +25: the fifth review of the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action in the EU Member States

While all EU Member States are bound by the Beijing Declaration and its requirement to provide access to safe and high-quality sexual and reproductive healthcare, this continues to be an area of concern.

EIGE has noted this development in several recent studies. The 25-year review of the Beijing Platform for Action shows that access to sexual and reproductive health services varies greatly between the Member States, with some countries introducing restrictions to services such as abortion.

Women Have Right To Sexual and Reproductive Health

Although the Beijing Platform for Action (BPfA) was established 25 years ago, many of the challenges identified in 1995 remain relevant today (such as the gender pay gap, unequal distribution of unpaid work or experiences of gender-based violence, to name just a few). This report both tracks progress against these long-standing challenges and goes beyond them to assess new challenges that have emerged in recent years, including those brought by digitalisation, recent migration flows and a mounting backlash against gender equality.

The report consists of three chapters. The first chapter provides an assessment of institutional developments related to gender equality at EU level. The second chapter analyses major trends and developments in the 12 areas of concern of the BPfA at EU and national levels. The final chapter provides practical recommendations for action to address key gender equality challenges identified in the previous analysis.

12 policy briefs

Area A: Women and PovertyArea G: Women in Power and Decision-Making
Area B: Education and Training of WomenArea H: Institutional Mechanisms for the Advancement of Women
Area C: Women and HealthArea I: Human Rights of Women
Area D: Violence against WomenArea J: Women and the Media
Area E: Women and Armed ConflictArea K: Women and the Environment
Area F: Women and the EconomyArea L: The Girl Child
Women Have Right To Sexual and Reproductive Health

In order to achieve gender equality in the European Union, this area needs close attention. EU Member States must ensure women have access to services that reflect their gendered health needs, such as hormonal contraception and abortion. Next year, EIGE’s Gender Equality Index will have a special focus in the area of health, including sexual and reproductive health. This is a priority in the EU.

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