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Busta Rhymes Resuscitates Hip Hop With Extinction Level Event 2

Extinction Level Event 2 – The Wrath Of God, the highly anticipated follow up album

Just when we thought Hip Hop was defeated, in comes Busta Rhymes with Extinction Level Event 2, The Wrath of God. The highly anticipated follow up to the Final World Front multi Grammy nominated chart topping album. The album was released on December 15, 1998 in an era where Hip Hop was dominated by the illest spitters with the sickest flows.

Busta Bus, is from the golden era of Hip Hop, where the music had a message and artists preached unity and happiness. An era where it was all about having a good time and hanging with good people.

Extinction Level 2 – The Wrath of God

Today’s Hip Hop is dominated by mumble rappers, YouTube and Instagram beat biters doing it for the views, doing for the gram. Hip Hop music is on life support where success is determined by views, not lyrics, not substance and certainly not about unity.

Extinction Level 2, is arguably the most important album of 2020. Busta touches on the injustices happening in America under President Donald Trump and the need to have faith, love for your culture, respect for family and put the woman in your life on a pedestal.

Busta’s album is filled with the whose who of Hip Hop royalty. From, ODB, Bel Biv Devoe, Kendrick Lamar, Chris Rock, Pete Rock, Rick Ross, Rakim, M.O.P, Q-Tip, Anderson .Paak, Mariah Carey, the Jackson 5 and the Queen of Hip Hop Mary J Blige.

Extinction Level Event 2, is an instant classic that you can listen to without skipping a track. Busta Rhymes brought us back to the nineteen nineties when it was all about the music, going to the club or just chilling with the homies, nodding your head and taking in the aroma from the trees.

Busta Rhymes just resuscitated Hip Hop and has put the cultural on a new journey heading into the new year.

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